MFV Tacoma Masters Induction Book

Instruction to Tacoma Masters

This induction document is to be completed on the MFV Tacoma.

It is important to note that each task has a number of separate parts or components.
The book is to show that the Master has satisfactorily completed the induction.
Each component of an induction requires a separate signature.
You should also note that this induction does not have to be undertaken in the order that it appears.

Tacoma Preservation Society

Safe Ships Manual - MVF Tacoma

National Standard for Commercial Vessels - PART E Operations

Revision dates: AUGUST 2013
Preparation notes:
This SS management plan has been prepared under the following:

  • Tacoma is registered as an Historic Vessel ANMM
  • The Tacoma will be manned by volunteer crew
  • The potential recruitment age of the crew is 60 years and over
  • Tacoma will conduct, on average, 10 days per year as B3 & B2, and 10 days as E1
  • This document is to be used in conjunction with the Tacoma crew training Task Book
The Motor Fishing Vessel Tacoma