Creek to Coast – Tacoma

Creek to Coast:
The Haldane brothers and the beginning of tuna fishing in Port Lincoln

8th June 2019

Tuna fishing in Port Lincoln, where it all began. This is a story about three young men who had a dream — not a little dream, but a big dream — and being young and fearless, they made their dream happen.

The Haldane boys, three brothers, built an eight-tonne blue-gum vessel over 60 years ago, with the intent of catching salmon and tuna. They had seen boats in magazines; they were ambitious. They approached Western Boatbuilding Company in Tacoma in the United States of America for blueprints — a rather bold request — and the company sent them prints.

On Creek to Coast, we met Ross Haldane, son of the eldest of the Haldane boys. His description of the story is that it is ‘a rollicking yarn’. You, too, can meet Ross, who is happy to show you around the historic vessel that launched the tuna industry in Port Lincoln, and tell tales for hours.

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