Port Lincoln Council candidates asked to commit to marina community pontoon

The Tacoma Preservation Society (TPS) has written to ten potential councillors and two mayoral candidates asking them to indicate their support for the construction of a 90-metre x 200 tonne capacity community pontoon in the Lincoln Cove Marina, adjacent to the Fishermen’s Memorial and Marina Hotel.

MFV Tacoma

2023 Tacoma General Cruises & Trips

2023 Tacoma General Cruises & Trips Boston Bay Cruise Harbour Cruise Blessing of the Fleet Cruise Taylor Island Cruise Cost: Boston Bay & Harbour Cruises: A minimum of $1,500 for a maximum of 49 passengers. A limited number of places are available for the Taylor Island & Blessing of the Fleet trips. What we provide: …

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Creek to Coast – Tacoma

Creek to Coast: The Haldane brothers and the beginning of tuna fishing in Port Lincoln 8th June 2019 Tuna fishing in Port Lincoln, where it all began. This is a story about three young men who had a dream — not a little dream, but a big dream — and being young and fearless, they made their …

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Boating Facility Levy – Peter Treloar MP

SA Parliament Hansard – Boating facilities levy 19th October 2017 Mr TRELOAR (Flinders) (12:55): I rise today to support the very excellent motion brought to us by the member for Chaffey: That this house— (a) acknowledges the importance of having safe and adequate boating facilities across South Australia for boat owners and fishers; (b) condemns …

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Society taking tuna to market

Port Lincoln Times: Society taking tuna to market 20th March 2017 The Tacoma Preservation Society is hoping to branch out with its tourism trips by offering Adelaide shoppers a taste of South Australian tuna. For the first time the society supplied an Adelaide supermarket with tuna caught during its February/March tuna poling trips. A three-day …

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