‘JANGAARD DOCK’ – proposed new home

JANGAARD DOCK – MFV Tacoma’s proposed new home

20th May 2016

The Tacoma Preservation Society (TPS) has made a development application to the Port Lincoln Council to install a new pontoon structure, adjacent to the Lincoln Cove Marina Fisherman’s Memorial. If successful, the pontoon will be the new home for the historic MFV Tacoma, the vessel that pioneered the tuna industry in Port Lincoln sixty four years ago.

The TPS plan to name the proposed new structure Jangaard Dock, in honour of the American Norwegian fishing brothers Sverre and Chris Jangaard. They came to Port Lincoln in 1956, supported by the SA Government. They played a pivotal role in the establishment of the tuna industry in the town, introducing the live bait and poling method of fishing on MFV Tacoma and the Fair Tuna.

So interested in the exciting possibilities offered by the new pelagic fishery, SA Premier Tom Playford went on a poling trip on MFV Tacoma with the Jangaard brothers. Premier Playford is credited with poling an 80-kilo tuna.

TPS members contacted the descendants of the Jangaards in America to ask if they approved naming the new facility Jangaard Dock. All family members were delighted with the proposal and if the development application is successful, hoped Jangaard would be spelt in the original Norwegian form with a double ‘a’.

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