MFV Tacoma applies for new home

MFV Tacoma applies for new home

11th April 2016

The Tacoma Preservation Society (TPS) has made a development application to the Port Lincoln Council to install a new pontoon structure adjacent to the Lincoln Cove Marina Fisherman’s Memorial.

The application, if approved, will open up the possibility for the TPS gaining a lease of the area following a public application process by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in August.

“Having the MFV Tacoma in this location will provide an additional piece of infrastructure to attract tourists to the Marina. I believe the Tacoma will act like the horse sculpture does on the town centre foreshore.

“As well as additional people coming to experience the Marina, it will simulate further development on adjacent undeveloped land,” President of the Tacoma Preservation Society Ross Haldane said.

In addition, the Sarin Group has indicated they will upgrade the present pontoon adjacent to the Marina Hotel. The two projects will create a much needed facility that could be used for the daily shark, seal and tuna trips as well as the Lincoln yachting week and the three power boat events run from the Marina every year.

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